February 01, 2007

C4 -the great equalizer

He only appears harmless.


Alex Senna said...

what a great blog. I really like it all.
Really nice!

S.T. Lewis said...

This is great... and totally not who I would have suspected as the villain. I guess that's what makes him so dangerous. I love the skin colors, and the blank stare is a classic. Nice one, man.

Scandalous said...

The values of this piece tell quite a story--my eyes are first pulled in to the eyeballs, the brightest part of the painting and not to mention the fact that those obtusely angled eyes draw you in to the dimensia of the character...next, the values along his body, being the second-brightest values, move down the image, establishing him as an amphibious critter. But wait--those skinny arms call minor attention to what they are doing...is that a detonator partially hidden in those shadows? The import of what this character is doing suddenly hits you--but by now, it is too late, for our casual surmise of this perpetrator has delayed us long enough for him to slowly, purposefully carry out his dastardly deed--all the while maintaining his placid, emotionless expression...

Or, if you don't prefer the long-winded, high-school-english-paper-scholarly-narrative observation,

this is a very humorous work--good depiction!

Nathan Lindsay said...

I'm just not sure if the words "high-school english paper" and "scholarly" can be used in the same sentence.

Joe said...

This reminds me a lot of a character that could show up in a Donkey Kong Country game.

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