May 07, 2009

They're still lost.

For those of you who stopped watching several seasons ago, here's your update: Sawyer is turning sissy, Jack became a junkie, and Girl-Jack is still an idiot. In the meantime, a long list of interesting and enjoyable characters have been introduced and systematically killed off.

May 05, 2009


The "Catch-up" topic has been so successful that I'm hesitant to post something new. However, I've wanted to see how us Disney Salt Lake artists handle this topic for a while now. Anything from the books or movie is fair game: it can be as simple as a single character design, it could be an environment, or you can go all out and illustrate a full scene.

The basic premise of the topic is, if you were going to make Oz into an animated movie or video game, how would it look and what, if anything, would you change to make things interesting?