January 17, 2012


I keep looking at it and wanting to add a thought bubble....

January 13, 2012

Unicorn City: Marsha

There were a lot of great characters in the film, but she was the best.  When I first saw her my reaction was, "Great, another hot-girl-plays-unconvincing-nerd role."  But her character manages to be SO believably nerdy, but at the same time so likeable and appealing, that you really want her to win in the end.  I don't know if I've seen that pulled off so well in a film before.

January 06, 2012


I'm leaving this open so people can take it wherever they want.  Make yourself epic, make yourself funny, make yourself 8-bit, or just look in a mirror and draw what you see, anything's fair game.

Unicorn City - The Animated Series!!!

My pal, fellow Avalanche employee, super artist, story overlord and all around swell guy Bryan Lefler has made a fantastic independent film named UNICORN CITY!!! Aaand he was kind enough to ask me to do some promotional art for T-Shirts and Posters and stuff. Which I was only too happy to do. I have to tell yaz this was one of the best commissions I was ever lucky enough to do!!!  Thanks Bryan!!!

My idea was to draw the characters as maybe they see them self's. Or maybe if there was a Saturday morning cartoon of Unicorn City it would look like this... I wish there was. (^_^)  I wish there was a comic too...

You can find out more information and watch the wicked rad trailer over at the Unicorn City website.