December 27, 2009

December 23, 2009

I hate elves

And so does Avalanche, but we really love Twilight, apparently.

what the elf

December 09, 2009

Cousin Eddie

My wife thinks very little of the actor they chose for Eddie, so I had to have some fun with his portrait. I gave him Sid Farkus's yellow eyes.

December 07, 2009

Oh Edward!

Will someone of the female species please help me understand why Robert Pattinson makes them all aflutter. I mean... look at the guy!

December 04, 2009

Wait! Not Christmas Yet!

I'm totally guessing with the logo for Fork's Hospital, but I figured with a vampire doctor, this one seemed rather fitting.

Time for a Holiday Topic: ELVES

November 29, 2009

back to school

if i became a vampire, was immortal, could run super fast, didn't have to eat or sleep, and could read people's minds..... there's really only one thing i would do:

i'd go back to high school.

p.s. my first post

November 25, 2009

November 24, 2009

True Love!

Can't you just feel it!?

November 20, 2009

Curse Kevin and his faster Jacob posting!

I felt like a dirty old woman lookin' up pictures of that 17 year old kid for this.

Jake Black...No, not the one who works here.

I had to do a new piece since I feel partly responsible for this topic. I also included my first one for good measure.

November 19, 2009


I new about the craziness surrounding Twilight but had no real opinion on the subject, until I saw this tool on TV. He was trying so hard to act cool and uninterested with his bed head hair but the entire interview he was fixing his hair.
Girls, please keep in mind the Rabbies and other diseases this poser is no doubt carrying around.

Undead longing

creeps me out.  Actually just undead was enough.  Mixing in lusty teenagers does very little to improve the situation.

November 17, 2009


My first ever contribution to the Avalanche Blog.

Nosferatu plays outfield

Remember how in the first Twilight movie, all the super vampires go out into the woods to play sexy baseball, but only during rainstorms because they play such loud baseball? Seriously, do you remember that, or was it some ridiculous dream I had?

Bob Pattinson

It took Twilight to bring me out of my avablog hiatus.

November 16, 2009

New Topic: TWILIT

Show your love or hate for the phenomenon that is Star Wars for girls.  New (or forgotten) characters are encouraged as well!

And yes, we're doing this topic because we desperately want Kevin to contribute again, even if it means choosing a topic he has already drawn a picture for.

November 04, 2009

I'm the only Cyclops fan.

I'm a little bit miffed at Cyclops' portrayal in the X-Men movies. Apparently the best way to make Wolverine look cool was to have Cyclops be a smug, arrogant pansy in comparison. Weren't the adamantium claws and indestructible sideburns enough, Bryan Singer?!

But Cyclops, you were always there for me when my friends chose Wolvy and Nightcrawler in the six-player X-Men arcade game.

October 30, 2009

Morvund uses the wrong brain

Sorry it's so rushed, I'll update it when I have time to make things more readable.

Dr. Morvund and pal

Dr. Morvund, originally uploaded by Ape Lad.

Dr. Morvund only wanted a friend! Not even he could have predicted that his pal would someday obliterate the entire universe! Including you!

October 28, 2009


I totally forgot to post this up here. This is my entry that made it into the book.

October 26, 2009

unintended consequences

Unwittingly, while creating his evil creation Dr. Morvund somehow managed to destroy several layers of the visible spectrum forever ruining rainbows for the world.

October 23, 2009


Dr. Morvundor Von Ragnorokenstein always wanted his very own Frankenstein. So one dark and stormy night he made one. Sadly... he was forced to use brass hockey pucks.

Happy Halloween >;-D

October 21, 2009


It's embarrassing to post for a topic this late when I was so close to finishing it a half-year ago when the topic was actually going on.

October 20, 2009

Spider - Man Spider - Man

Can he swing

from a web

No he can't
He's a pig

I'm hoping for the Spidey Mickey crossover myself...

October 10, 2009


I actually drew this six months ago and started painting it two months ago. I guess it all worked out for a very nice convenient coincidence.

October 04, 2009

Video Game Geek

I love video games now and I loved them back then. I drew all kinds of Marios and Street Fighters. I even sent Nintendo and Capcom some character designs and pixel illustrations. Nintendo was very classy in their response and told me something to the effect of "keep pushing for your dreams," and they even gave me the addresses of all their publishers. Capcom on the other hand never responded, but I crap you not Yun and Yang, and Elena from Street Fighter 3 are eerily similar to what I sent.

October 03, 2009

Green Goblin

Haven't had much time to paint lateley, but I couldnt pass up the Marvel theme.

October 01, 2009


Dr. Morvund's lab is filled with science of the most disturbing kind.  Come with us and explore what's inside. . .

September 24, 2009

Peculiar Pets

I always meant to do this theme but never got around to it

September 15, 2009

Marvel Princesses

Oh hey, I colored it.

It's not finished. But I thought I'd throw it in before a topic change. . . I promise I'll fix the line work and maybe even get to color it. . . But just to remind you that I actually DO draw.

September 11, 2009

September 08, 2009

Hulk Smash

This was one of those ideas that was awesomer in my mind.  I want a USB ports installed on my head, so I can just print things out instead.

September 03, 2009

Ol' Jack Burton Always Says...

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I would answer "a truck driver who fights monsters." People were baffled by this until they learned that I watched Big Trouble in Little China every day.


Gooflactus, originally uploaded by Ape Lad.

I drew this the day the news broke. For the record: I'm 100% on board.

New Topic: MARVELS

The recent announcement makes me think it's time for a concurrent topic (meaning childhood re-drawing entries are still encouraged).

What we want is Marvel fan art.  Heroes, Villains, Disney mash-ups, Avalanchization of Marvel characters---everything's fair game.

September 01, 2009

The Last Spaceman ...erm... Space girl


A n d y
A n d r o m e d a

Down with Shane

I am posting this just to get Shane off the top of the page.

August 25, 2009


My first favorite subject as a kid was sharks.  I loved sharks so much that I told people I was going to be a shark when I grew up.  Here are things I have learned about sharks since then:
  • Shark mouths are made out of teeth.
  • Sharks can fly if they are hungry enough.
  • Sharks might be able to come out of the toilet and eat you (unconfirmed) 
  • You can't grow up to be a shark if you are afraid of water.

August 17, 2009


What did you draw most as a kid? Show us what you've learned about that subject since then.

August 10, 2009


well... he use to be a spaceman. If I finish the painting I'll throw it up here.

August 03, 2009

Darkstalkers entry

I hear we were finally cleared to post these.

July 31, 2009

July 21, 2009

Some People Call Me...

I guess Space Cowboys are on our brains.

July 15, 2009

Yellow Brick Road Work

The Wicked Witch finally figures out how to stop Dorothy. Inspired by my commute to work.