December 20, 2007

New Topic: The Snow Queen

Since I didn't post in time for a holiday-themed topic, we'll at least do something for winter. This topic is based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, you can read about it here:

Although I figure people don't need to know the story: just come up with a Snow Queen, her court, her minions, or castle. Be creative and enjoy!

December 12, 2007

The Littlest Brownie Scout

Having recently been forced from his home in the dwindling woods, Aberfeldy found a place to stay in a nearby garden. When news spread that a new brownie was in the area he was invited to join the local troop. Not one to quibble over the difference between brownies and gnomes, he graciously accepted the invitation (and the special miniature boxes of cookies). He did find the uniform a tad itchy however.

December 10, 2007

One gnome to good home

When this topic came up I looked but couldn't find any good reference of gnomes or other woodfolk. So I went out to my garden, set some traps and got this guy. He was a mean little bugger, biting and scratching until I got him drugged and tied up in my basement for a good sit down portrait session. This live gnome is now available on Ebay, free shipping!

December 05, 2007

December 04, 2007