February 08, 2007

Bug n' a Rug

I dare say there is nothing cuter...at least in accordance to my grandma's jargon. She gets her sayings mixed up.


David Malan said...

Brian, once again you missed the assignment. The topic was "cute" not "snug"
But the pink background is a good enough to allow the post.

Dave(Blog moderator)

Sam Nielson said...

Well, you certainly got the creepy cute angle going for this one. Although now that I look at it again, I'm not sure that creepy "cute" is exactly the right word. More like creepy "carpetophile."

I do like the beetle's chubby dimple cheeks.

S.T. Lewis said...

I love the bug's smile. I probably wouldn't love it as much if I was the rug. Nice one, man.

Joe said...

I wonder what their kids will look like.

Adrian Ropp said...

This is great, Brian. I can just hear the bug whispering "Don't ever leave me, baby. Don't ever leave me."

Adam Ford said...

SO THESE are those damned bugs that give me that fungus rash every time I sit on our carpet!

On another note. Very cute and stupendously drawn!