October 30, 2006

Welcome, Foolish Mortals...

...to Ghoulsmire Castle!

-Critiques are welcome.


Sam Nielson said...

You already know how much I like this creepy guy and I already gave you some critiques, but I'll say again how cool the picture is.

David Malan said...

That is a really great painting. I like the simplicity bu it is really well painted.
one suggestion, the door looks like a bedroom door and might look cool as a houted mansion kind of decorative door. but I have no critiques.

Anonymous said...

No crits here. I love the little detales like the light on the facial hair

Jeff Bunker said...

Really nice, Kevin.
You are relying on value to describe your shapes where it seemed you depended more on line in the past. Not that one is superior to the other as far as style goes. But I like the painterly quality of this.
Only Crit: With the focal point being the eyes it seems to me they could say more. They seem a little too nondescript. Just my two cents

Dave McClellan said...

I like the colors you have picked for this. Hard to go wrong with the yellow/green-purple complimentary thing. And that door, even if it is Dave Malan's bedroom door, is really well painted.
A couple critiques: You have three implied light sources: the green from inside, the one from outside the house, and the eyes, and they are all competing. I would pick one to dominate and tone down the other two. Also, I would have the light spread more on his head and fill in some of the black holes in his face (ie. the space between his nose and cheek would have more light bouncing around in there)
And I think the green rim light is a little uniform all the way down. You could vary it a little more in thickness of line and softness of edges. And I think his teeth would catch some of that green light.

Oh, and Dude, you rock.

Kevin Keele said...

Wow, thanks for the crits guys! Those are actually quite helpful.

Sam Nielson said...

Looking at this at school it's a bit darker than it looks on the monitors at work. If you post up any changes you may want to brighten it a tad as well.

Barry Zundel said...

This is awesome, Kevin!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Fabulous work on this dude,love the green light and those orange eyes !!

Anonymous said...

love the door details and the light! which program?

PaoYunSoo said...

hahan this one is so good, he looks so bad man !! nice work !!

Unknown said...

hi kevin. this is absolutely fantastic :) Maybe a stupid question, but are any of these pieces on your blog or those of your avalanche colleagues for sale or license? I am starting up an independent record label next year and am looking for cool artwork for the vinyl sleeves.
mark, UK

Unknown said...

ok, my email this this: mark.henning@gmail.com

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