October 31, 2006


Here it is now with a little advice from Sam and Ryan. I have a horrible memory, so I probably forgot to implement 90% of what they told me. Besides, I need to move on and stop being so nit-picky. All I can say is that I can't stand the airbrush in Painter.


Dave McClellan said...

Barry, this is shows a LOT of improvement. You ought to feel pretty good about this. The value range is much better. The highlights are a little bright making him look shiny. The light should probably spread out more. But good job, man.

David Malan said...

I agree the highlights are so bright they distract from the eyes and overall face area. But that is just zooming in on the face, the painting as a whole is great. I like the simple composition.

Sam Nielson said...

The new colors are much more interesting. There are still a couple hot spots of contrast that pull the eye away from the face, but overall it's really good.

Tyler Stott said...

its nice to see you gettihng into da colors!!

Marco Bucci said...

Really cool, Barry. I haven't seen your work before. You avalanche guys are something else...

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