October 10, 2006

Royal Inbreeding Takes Its Toll

I've wanted to do something in a Byzantine style for a while now. But every king I drew looked a little. . .special. Some kind of chemistry between the Byzantine characteristics and my particular drawing style made for some really odd characters. So I just pushed it a little further and went with it.


Kevin Keele said...

Sam, this is one of my most favorite things you've ever done. Awesome!

Nathan Lindsay said...

Now I wish the artists back then painted like you. It sure would have made all those art history classes a lot more fun.

Casey said...

Fantastic. I'm speechless.

Oliver Chipping said...

I think the only other person to pull off such a sweet uni-brow was Frida Kahlo. As always real hot stuff!

S.T. Lewis said...

HA! This is great, Sam! I love the hand holding the flower... so dainty. Great colors and lighting, as always.

Sebastien Gallego said...

I really like the color scheme on this one Sam. I think it's a real proof of talent to change style like you do.

emily said...

oh man. that's funny.

Jed Henry said...

Nobody ever spoofs byzentine art. this is amazing, sam. The colors are so spot on. I love it.


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