October 24, 2006

So... I'm guessing we changed the topic again.

Well, here's Prince Arthas... I think he's a prince. Maybe I'm just thinking he's one so that I could say that I submitted something to our art challenges. Oh, for those of you who I haven't met yet... I think I the newbiest of the newbs. And it's an honnor to join your ranks.


Ryan Wood said...

Just change the name to Prince Arthas OF GHOULSMIRE and you're right on topic, man. I like the detail an his arm & his pose, nice!

S.D. said...

Real great work! I like how you managed brown colors and the power of your Prince :)

Sam Nielson said...

Way to hit both topics in one post! This guy's pretty cool. I like the stretchy-skull knee armor.

Shane Olson said...

I'm diggin the mixture between tight and blurry in all the right places. It gives it a nice spooky action feel.

Jeff Bunker said...

Very nice style.

David Malan said...

Great painting, I don't remember this guy in "Lost", was he killed in the plane crash?

Mark Behm said...

Great stuff, Jon. Really like his costume.

marcobucci said...

VERY cool man! That pose looks great!

Sebastien Gallego said...

Hey Jon! I'm glad to see that one done. It's amazing! You really did a great job on it!
Welcome in the club.

Jon Diesta said...

Thanks everyone! I'm still struggling, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

Kevin Keele said...

This kicks!

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