October 19, 2006

Louis XIV the Sun King

Since I'm the only french guy in the company (and in Utah??) I felt like it was my duty to show to the world one of our dumb fat kings from the past.


Ryan Wood said...

Wrong again, Sebastian. We have 3 French people here in yewtahr;) Nice painting man, that hairdo is sweet! I really like all of the texture in the clothing & drapes.

Mark Behm said...

Heh heh. This is great. I love the lace, the drapes and the tude.

Sebastien Gallego said...

> We have 3 French people here in yewtahr;)

Three!? Be careful, looks like an invasion to me! :)

Oliver Chipping said...

old françois - you can always count on them to get a fat old king with a big wierd hair-do.

Jeff Bunker said...

This subject seems to be inspiring for some reason. Everyone seems to be painting even better than usual. This is very well done. Particularly for a french guy;)

Dave McClellan said...

Rich colors for a rich king. Very nice.

Sebastien Gallego said...

> Particularly for a french guy;)

Yup, I have a few tricks up my beret... uh... my sleeve! :)

Anonymous said...


R.Dress said...

Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for stopping by.
Great work!!!
Love the detail on his neckerchief.
Must be nice to be surrounded by all this talent.

Anonymous said...


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