October 12, 2006

True Royalty

I think that unfortunately some people have missed the ball on the royalty theme. It means a king, not a prom queen, a Tenenbaum, or a character from Lost. Here I have a painting of a king, actually the original Burger King of West Sussex.


Sebastien Gallego said...

Amazing painting Dave! I love it all. You are really pushing your flesh tone.

Lael Henderson said...

bullseye,you nailed it! Now that's true royalty. Nice work. I'm liking the color a lot.

Sam Nielson said...

Perfect. One of my favorites that you've done.

Nathan Lindsay said...

Dave, its either "dropped the ball" or "missed the boat".

I love your painting and I love Whoppers -I've eaten four in one sitting. I'll eat one of your paintings too.

S.T. Lewis said...

This is hilarious... finally - The Burger King! I'd always wondered what he looked like. I'm glad he's a little on the chunky side. This is a good one, sir.

Jeff Bunker said...

Great colors! I really like it; Then I saw that Nathan loved it and I had to question my judgement.
I'm gaining a little more confidence as other's comments confirm that it is good.

Nathan Lindsay said...

I hope the next Art challenge topic is "characters with the initials J.B."

Mespind said...

Muito bom!!!!! very very Good!!!!!


ken said...

this is fantastic wow

Oliver Chipping said...

Ok, Ok, you get 10 comments. Yep, its good, really good, but I still don't like you.

Unknown said...

Wonderful use of colors and tools!!

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