October 18, 2006

Green Queen o' Diamonds

She's royalty, even though she looks kinda like a gypsy.


Adam Ford said...

My brain is totally fried by how cool this is.

Sam Nielson said...

Bleahaauggh.. Guh. I can't even formulate the words to say how much this blows me away.

Mark Behm said...

I take that back. There's a bigger copy over here! Yipee!

David Malan said...

Is this some kind of joke. You understand that you hurt the entire company when you post work of this level by lowering the rest of us several notches.

Jeff Bunker said...

This is pretty spectacular, Ryan. It is one of my favorite pieces that you have done.

woody_germ said...

very cool, now I want to see the whole deck.

Scott said...

The tones and lighting on the face are very fun to look at for a long time. Gorgeous piece

Brian Cutler said...

I hate you. :)

Oliver Chipping said...

really nice - I love how old it seems - that back ground is so great.

Sebastien Gallego said...

That's amazing Ryan! You are the Jedi Master of Avalanche.

Casey said...

I'm not worthy.

Scandalous said...


autogiro said...

simply precious!!
your illustrations have a sensibility out of this world....

wood bye

Briana said...

I wish I could buy a set of these cards

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