October 26, 2006


The blog has been so successful that I'm hesitant to suggest a change. I think that the "just for fun" nature of it is important to that success. However, I think there's no reason why we couldn't be helping each other improve while we're at it.

So here's what I propose: If you want help, ask for suggestions when you post your image. If you don't want help, don't ask for suggestions.
People can either leave critiques in your comments or e-mail them to you, according to your request. These critiques could also include posting or e-mailing paintovers, if the person asks for them.

If you're entering an image just for fun and don't want critiques on it, we'll respect that and just give "good job!" comments instead. Once again, I think the fun of the mini-challenge is probably the most important part.

But I'd love to see the art-smarts getting passed around a little more, too.

Any thoughts?

Also, I had the idea that some of the topics could include an optional design exercise like:
Topic: Castle Ghoulsmire.
Optional Exercise: Repetition of shape---try to unify the design by creatively using similar shapes throughout your image

This would be additional criteria for those who are really trying to push themselves to improve, but completely optional for use when drawing for the topic. Does anyone like that idea as well?


Sebastien Gallego said...

Hey Sam,

I really like the idea of the critics and of a design exercise. Since it would be optional, that wouldn't bother people who don't want it anyway.
I'm all for it.
Good thinking.

Dave McClellan said...

Dude, you rock. I am stunned by the amazing awesomeness of this post.

Ryan Wood said...

Good job! Great idea!!! I'll use more exclamation points to illustrate how cool this idea is!!!!!

Sam Nielson said...

Hey! Jerks.

David Malan said...

Sounds good to me.(I've emailed grammer corrections of Dave and Ryans comments to them)

I thinks it's about time for a new topic.

Nathan Lindsay said...

"...nickelodeon and WAS acquired" ..."sharpen ARE skills"

-WERE and OUR are probably valid substitutions and even wreckomended in some of the thicker dictionaries.

Jeff Bunker said...

Sam, you already know I agree with your comments.

and Nathan..., I knows whur you werk.

Brian Cutler said...

I think we should just stick with happy uplifting comments like "good job!" or "that's awesome!". That way none of our delicate feelings will be hurt. But since I never post anything anyway, what do I care. Let's rip away! :)

No, really, I think being more critical would be good. And I promise I will post something in the very near future.

Nathan Lindsay said...

"...I knows whur you werk."

he he he he

Barry Zundel said...

I think this is a great idea, Sam. The art challenge meetings seem to have a lot of crickets chirping in them. I think this might be a more effective way to critique.

I also think that we need to have a lot more live tutorials...like on a constant basis...nothing huge, but maybe a series of them. We've had some painting tuts, but I think those can continue permanently. They are really great. But I agree with Brian Cutler...we may want to just give positive reinforcement. That way no one's feelings get hurt. :P Just kidding. I would love my stuff to get ripped to shreds...honestly...that is, if I ever post anything.

David Malan said...

Barry, that was the most awful comment I have ever seen! What were you thinking? Just terrible.

Kevin Keele said...

Yeah Barry, your comment stinks!

Nathan Lindsay said...

DOWN WITH BARRY!!! Tar and Feather his blog!

S.T. Lewis said...

I kind of liked Barry's comment... but I'm an idiot.

Nathan Lindsay said...

I never actually read Barry's comment...I was just overcome with the lynch mob excitment.

In that train of thought I would like to now start my own controversy: I am still waiting for an Avalanche "tutorial" that the instructor actually paints something. The history, theory and vocabulary lessons are great and needed and now I would like to see application of principles. hmmm? ...I would do it, but the tutorial would take 20 hours and the end result would be something chubby and it wouldn't even have glowing eyeballs.