November 17, 2006

Mini-challenge topic: MUSHROOMS

This is for those among us timid folk who dare not draw pictures of those who we wish to work with for years to come. This is a pretty broad topic, I guess just because mushrooms and other fungus make for cool visuals no matter what the picture is. Mushroom characters, objects, environments, all fair game.

Optional design exercise: Line
This isn't a call for line drawings necessarily, but rather a push to be conscious of what kinds of lines define the edges and shapes in your image, and how they relate to each other.
For anyone who wants more information on line here's some good information from Andrew Loomis on line from Creative Illustration: Section on Line, line and composition, line as attention-getting device, relationship of line to emotion
Plus, a couple posts from Mark Kennedy with information on line of action that might be useful. That last one he says is on Rhythm, but it seems to have more to do with line than rhythm (plus, we'll have a rhythm exercise later).

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