November 16, 2009

New Topic: TWILIT

Show your love or hate for the phenomenon that is Star Wars for girls.  New (or forgotten) characters are encouraged as well!

And yes, we're doing this topic because we desperately want Kevin to contribute again, even if it means choosing a topic he has already drawn a picture for.


Kevin Keele said...

What the...What are you saying about me?! That I'll contribute because I already did a Twilight piece or because I love Twilight so much I won't be able to resist (totally not true by the way).

AutumnTwilight said...

Please never say that again. I love this blog and all the amazing art on it, but seeing someone say that Twilight is like Star Wars for girls makes me want to punch kittens and adorable babies in the face.

Twilight is like Twilight for Twilight fans. Please don't include me in that :P

Sam Nielson said...

Twilight:rabid teen fangirls, as Star Wars:geek fanboys. I don't see what's so offensive in that, as all boys don't like Star Wars, and all girls don't like Twilight, but they're still comparable on some level.