November 19, 2009


I new about the craziness surrounding Twilight but had no real opinion on the subject, until I saw this tool on TV. He was trying so hard to act cool and uninterested with his bed head hair but the entire interview he was fixing his hair.
Girls, please keep in mind the Rabbies and other diseases this poser is no doubt carrying around.


Ben Hickling said...

This is great, love his wall-eyed look!

Amok said...

lol, the commentary about Twilight and the 'tool' is equally as delightful as the artwork itself.

Cory Loftis said...

Awesome. You've captured his smoldering good looks perfectly i think.

Unknown said...

the eyes pointing apart is genius

Thomas Berthelon said...

Extra !
You got well the lines of the actor :-)

Sam Nielson said...

Nice job on the hair!

Dave McClellan said...

His hair does look so much more natural upside down. And he doesn't have to fix it as often that way.

Anonymous said...

Love this!!

M.R. Weaver said...

Just the fact that he's bow-eyed makes this so much better!
brb, laughing my head off...

Jose Ramos said...

I like it David , your art is great!

brayne said...

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