November 29, 2009

back to school

if i became a vampire, was immortal, could run super fast, didn't have to eat or sleep, and could read people's minds..... there's really only one thing i would do:

i'd go back to high school.

p.s. my first post


Hawk said...

I love it, man. I love it. That expression on his face cracks me up.

M. Proszowska said...

It' so true :D LOL maybe because hight school is such a nightmare for youth, vampires could feed only on fear and negative energy!

Brook said...

And it is what all the cool kids are doing after all ;P

Sam Nielson said...

I was really confused by this at first because the white text isn't visible in Google reader. But now that I see, you win for pointing out how stupid this all really is.

Landish said...

Great art!
Have no words!

Anonymous said...

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wahzill said...

What an awesome blog!! I really dig all the artwork...can't wait to see more. This stuff is hilarious!!

Aaron Ludwig said...

Ha! Very nice.

Jose Ramos said...

Very funny , and you got a good hand my friend!

Angilram said...

Well, that's were the little girls are...
Yuk... Edward IS a perv...

Honestly, if immortality means being stuck in high school for all of eternity, I'd say shoot me and bury in the woods so I can rest in peace!

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