February 02, 2007

Vladeska Krakovitch

...in his volcano fortress playing his favorite game (Katamari Damacy).


Adam Ford said...

Great Cast shadows and turning of the form! I would love to see this guy as the villain in some claymation special.

Sam Nielson said...

He looks pretty angry about the way his game is turning out. The colors on this guy really turned out great. Nice job Kevin and nice double whammy topic post!

Nathan Lindsay said...

really slick. like Adam said (except using different words), its great how 3D he looks while still having those groovy heavy lines.

Tim Bye said...

Fantastic! That is one very focussed villain!

S.T. Lewis said...

Beautiful line work. You have the cleanest looking ink lines ever. And I agree that the colors work quite nicely. Splendid!

Dave McClellan said...

My favorite Keele piece so far. Fantastic.

Oliver Chipping said...

Oh MAN!! Kevin that is Awesome (to the max).

Ryan Wood said...

Nice paintin' Kevin! I dig his grumpy demeanor.

Amber Leaders said...

I really enjoy this piece,especially the coloring!

DELA said...

Man you make me laugh ,looks like one of my cousins.

Unknown said...

Hey......Visiting first time....N found coolest stuff.Like particularly effects of lighting.The way of use'g blue light is really gr8.Tons of things can learn fro ur work.Ve a gr8 week end.Thanks!!:)

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