February 01, 2007

"Bowling Hall Bandit"

This is the not so Infamous "Bowling Hall Bandit"

His trademark qualities are:

1) Blatent disregard for bowling hall etiquite.

2) Persistent wearing of non-league uniforms.

3) General hooliganry.


Sam Nielson said...

This guy is awesome---and has great bowling form!

David Malan said...

What about the fact that he is clearly fouling, as he is about 10 feet down the lane.

cool drawing and colors, I think the area around his head and shoulders is especially nice and interesting.

Mark Behm said...

He rocks. Very fun expression.

S.T. Lewis said...

Great idea for a villain... I've never seen someone so angry while they're bowling. Using a bomb instead of a ball is a good way to ensure a strike... as long as it's timed well.

"Hooiganry" - nice word choice.

Scandalous said...

Excellent work, my friend--that open pocketwatch flying out of his coat adds a nice, wreckless abandon to the character...

Danny Allen said...

mark it zero!
this is one of my favorites. I think the color scheme works really well too

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