January 31, 2007

A villain? well I'm way off.

I didn't exactly stay on topic. It started out as a villian I swear! But somewhere along the way it turned into Captain America from ww2.


Adam Ford said...

Well if you just delete one of the hands and give him a hook or an ice cream scoop, Voila! Villain!

Great model and rendering!

Sam Nielson said...

Or, mess around with the shape of the "A" a little so it forms an anarchy symbol. Captain Anarchy!

That's some quick modeling.

David Malan said...


(please remove your artwork)

S.T. Lewis said...

It's not really a "villain" thing to do, but maybe as long as he's standing by his own side, he could be holding his hand. That would show unity... and be kind of creepy, which is another fine quality in a villain.

Scandalous said...

Great detail in this model.
How long did it take you to construct?

road said...

Great model man!!

Joe said...

I would love to see the wire frame. Good stuff.

Sky said...

I love the hook idea! Thanks for the comments guys. I'll put some screenshots of the wires up on my blog. Oh, and it took a week from start to finish, including rigging.

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