January 12, 2007

The Evil Al Kadar Del Bazaar and the Gold Tooth of Zumtar

In 621 B.C. lived an old man named Zumtar who had but one tooth, a gold magic tooth to be more exact. This magical tooth gave him the ability to transform whatever he looked at into gold by simply lifting his upper lip and blinking an eye.

When the Evil Al Kadar Del Bazaar heard of the tooth, he quickly murdered the old man and took the tooth for himself.
Everything was fine in the new unhealthy, over-wealthy life of Al Kadar Del Bazaar until …

CLICK HERE to see what happened to him.


DAD said...

Quoi dire de pas trop banal?
-"C'est super ce que tu fais!"?
Tant pis, je ne vois rien de plus intelligent pour le moment.Tu as appris ici ou là-bas?

Sam Nielson said...

Nice pictures and story, Sebastien! Good job for taking the challenge seriously.

Oliver Chipping said...

Curse the broccoli tooth! Still embarrassing to this day! - Nice painting Sebastien.