January 31, 2007

Ancient Persian Magician Discovered in Persepolis

Archaeologists were surprised to find the frieze of an ancient, dreaded sorcerer amongst the ruins of the Persepolis, Iran. His name is unknown, and researchers estimate that he lived during the rule of Darius circa 400 BC, tormenting the Achaemenian Emperor and causing unexplainable, confusing phenomena to occur. Whether or not this mysterious priest is actually buried within the Persepolis has yet to be determined.


David Malan said...

Is that a nuclear bomb component that he is holding?

Oliver Chipping said...

Nice one Jason... I think this is one of your best, I like the color variety in the stone.

S.T. Lewis said...

Really nice colors and texture. Unless you actually carved this in stone... in which case you receive no credit for the colors or texture.

Eccentric Scholar said...

Beautiful work! Gorgeously lit!

The Lion said...

Why do you waste my time by charging the search engine with this material?

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