November 14, 2007

My squirrel thingy. . . Shoot, now it's late.

So, I've lost one of my iterations between these two, but here's a go I had at making my squirrell and then trying to emulate an artist's style, B. Drouhard.


Sam Nielson said...

You're not late, I purposefully overlapped the topic so people could get started thinking about it early (less gap between posts). Anyway, excellent work with this, Casey. Your final character matches the style and is incredibly appealing as well.

Joe said...

WOW! What a nice final image. Matches the style too.

Nils said...

I love your work !
Great colors on that funny squirrel ! :)

Oliver Chipping said...

Casey! i really like this squirrel and how happy it seems.

Hyrum Virl Osmond said...

I love these. They're so full of fluffy goodness.

brayne said...

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