November 01, 2007

One More Witch

I was a bit surprised and disappointed to find out that hardly any of my nearby coworkers had seen The Witches, a movie based on a Roald Dahl book. Anjelica Huston has always played an excellent witch. I wonder how comfortable she is with that fact.


Frankie Stellato said...

I saw it and I loved it! It used to be my favorite movie to watch when I was a kid! She turned into such an ugly rat it was fun to see her get squashed by the waiter...

Heather Dixon said...

Reid, I love it! You got her face awesome. That movie was ookie.

Jay said...

scary! floating rat eek!
~Jay's World

Juan Manuel said...

I love that colors! and excelent illumination!

Adam Ford said...

Great movie and fantastic illustration Reed!

Casey said...

Loved the movie. . . Especially when Mr. Bean wouldn't kiss a hairy neck.

Love the illustration too.

Danny Allen said...

that hair-growing perfume was gross. Mr Bean did the right thing

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