October 22, 2007

Tardy witch

As usual, a day late and a dollar short.
This is more of a study on the possible look of a real witch, which is essentially a old woman on a broom. It sounds ridiculous, I remain skeptical as to their actual existence.


Sam Nielson said...

Scariest witch so far! Her eye makeup is the most terrifying part.

Adam Tolman said...

Very nice Dave! I bet she's hatin that slow broom from Sears. She looks like she's chasing down some meddling kids and can't quite catch them.

aintshakespeare said...

No, no. Take my word for it. Old women do exist.

This witch is really cool. I can't quite tell if she is clinging to the broom out of fear or in an effort to streamline for speed. I'm tempted to believe the latter. I really like the look of her though; how round she is. She has a very teacherly quality. She's very real. Her backside is classic. Great job.

Dave McClellan said...

Nice bun(s).

Jörn said...

Seriously: what does she do with the broom?

Heather Dixon said...

That's what I feel like when I try to ride a bike.

Joe said...

haha, nice.


That is exactly how I would hold onto a flying broom! Screw hights!

S.T. Lewis said...

She could use a little more make-up... and a treadmill. Great design, Dave.

asor said...

she is a witch ? She is a old woman and riding on that broom.
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