October 08, 2007

Mud Football



S.T. Lewis said...

I want this guy on my team, because he looks a little violent and unstable... the kind of guy who tackles you even though everyone knows it's just two-hand touch. Great design, Joe, and nice Heisman-like pose, too.

Sebastien Gallego said...

Late but worth it! Great design as usual Joe!

Sam Nielson said...

Adding to Shane's assessment, he also looks like the type of guy who bites rocks when he is mad and grinds off his unibrow by repeatedly digging his forehead into grassy knolls.

Sam Nielson said...

Also, late entries are like getting presents the week after Christmas---in the end, people are just as happy to get them as the ones that came on time.

Dave McClellan said...

Nice curvey stiff arm.

Joe said...

What is a stiff arm? Is that when you hold your arm out to hit people as you run?...I obviouslly know a lot about football.

Nathan Lindsay said...

awesome character mr. joe.

Joe said...


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