September 13, 2007

There's gotta be a crying fairy.

As I perused the legions of fantasy art online, I learned a few things; you don't have to worry about anatomy, color relativity is irrelevant, shiny metal and ethereal backgrounds are key elements to any fantasy piece, and fairies either cry or pose seductively. Since Scott has done such a fabulous job with all the rules but one, I thought I'd cover the one he missed.

Then I got to asking. Why do fairies cry? What gives them blue skin? What's up with the uprooted plant? Why does Wynona Ryder always come to mind when I think of what a fairy would look like? Why did I actually spend time painting a fairy? I could only justify painting her by putting skulls in her wings. . . Skulls make it alright.


Oliver Chipping said...

I love those skulls Casey! Good drawrin' - Glad you posted.

aintshakespeare said...

And it is definitely perfect bad fantasy art.

Sam Nielson said...

C'mon Casey, admit that you liked doing this. :) The tear-streak is too perfect, I wish I would have thought of it myself.

Dave McClellan said...

Those are very nice colors, I must say.

Nathan Lindsay said...

thank you antishakespeare for a glimpse into your pathetic life of vulgarity. There are probably better forums for your "creativity" than this art blog. Branch out...then cut the branch off.

Oh, Casey, nice painting by the way.

Joe said...

Nice image casey.

aintshakespeare, your first comment has been deleted. I left your second up but in the future please refrain from comments that could be offensive. We create family entertainment and have a wide range of ages that visit this blog. Lets keep it clean and refrain from comments involving genitalia. Peace.

virginia critchfield said...

rock on casey! I dig your color work here and the fun shape-making in the wings.

Brian Cutler said...

Casey, this is fantastic!!! I love it!!!

Nate, I think you need to take some diplomacy lessons from Joe. You can say what you want to say without being a jerk. I love you man. :)

Casey said...

Wow, who knew a crying fairy painting would be a catalyst for such a discussion? Shoot. . . Maybe next time I'll leave off the skulls and put in flowers.

Ryan Wood said...

Yeah, more fairy skulls Casey! Dig the line quality.

S.T. Lewis said...

I would cry too if there skulls on my wings... and I already cry about uprooted plants. Very nice, Casey.

Jörn said...

Wow, she's cute. Great lines and the color is cool.

aintshakespeare said...

Ok, fellas, sorry. I guess I got carried away. My comments should be about the art.

I actually like this piece. The melodrama -tears, skulls, and watery eyes- are classic.

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