September 21, 2007

Fan of fanny packs

Any resemblance to fans of a certain rival school is purely coincidental. :)
(Also, my apologies for the earlier dupe post---I accidentally posted it here instead of my own blog)


S.T. Lewis said...

Excellent! I love how his skin hangs in bunches from his bones. Great character, man. His face reminds me of the guy Bugs Bunny boxes against in "Rabbit Punch."

ehsan hajibabaie said...

ye yes good
very good
tank you
merci tank you

bye bye

ehsan hajibabaie said...


Hawk said...

I thought the guy was peeing at first, but then noticed it was his spilled beer. I'll bet that was intentional and I like it.

Heather Dixon said...

Is the number on his shirt zero?! I didn't know you hated the U so much!

Now that I live in SL I have to be nicer to these people. (They're usually bigger than me.)