July 09, 2007

Working Class Hero (really late post)

Hello to all my Avalanche buddies!

I finally had time to finish my working class hero picture! My move to California has been great and hopefully this post will not be deleted by the moderator :)

(I did start it while I worked at Avalanche)

This is the guy who cleans all those nasty truck stop bathrooms! A true hero in my book!


Sam Nielson said...

I like it! Although I'm a litte disturbed by his pantlessness. I hope he's just wearing biege tights.

Shishir Naik said...

Amazing post!

Ryan Wood said...

The ghost of Oliver still haunts us, eh? Nice piece, man!

Sebastien Gallego said...

Yeah! Here it is!!!
I've been waiting for this one! I really like all the changes you made. It turned out great!
I love it!