December 20, 2006

The most feared toy on the Island


Brian Cutler said...

Oh man, Your wife is going to KILL you!!! I love it!

woody_germ said...

Hilarious, brilliant execution. That is a great expression on her face.

David Malan said...

I'm not going to touch this one, I didn't think men were allowed to make these types of commentaries.

Careful Nathan Lindsey will tell your wife.

Scott said...

Like the attention to detail on the label warning

emily said...

hehe...well done Dave. Very well done.

S.T. Lewis said...

"Doll May Choke You." Excellent! I love her expression and the Heat Meiser hair. And aside from all the fun and madness... really nice painting, Dave.

Sam Nielson said...

Awesome! That's definitely a toy that nobody would want around.
At least, I hope not.

Dave McClellan said...

Dave Malan is right. Men are not allowed to make commentaries on such issues, at least not without female consent. My wife and I came up with this idea together, and she told me all the things that needed to be accessories. She insisted on the part about the extra pants. In fact, she wanted me to take it even more over the top, but I decided to try and keep it more family friendly. My wife is pretty cool.

Marco Bucci said...

Now THIS hits it right on the head. The satire is so accurate that they may as well manufacture and sell these.

Fabrizio said...


I think I'll stop laughing in the new year!!!!!

Absolutely great!!

Greetings from Italy

Griffin T Kearns said...

That's hilarious! Great painting too.

Mark Geyer said...

This is AWESOME!

Juampa said...

Very very cool! You are great!!

Jordan Lamarre-Wan said...

wow, so true!!

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

LOL! Probably the funniest picture I've seen yet! So so funny, you guys! :D

Love the artwork! Very cool!

Unknown said...

is this for real? I'm scared of this barbie this is good for halloween
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brayne said...

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