July 26, 2013

Pacific Rim

I got so excited after seeing the movie that I did two pieces. I might even do another with a Kaiju design.


Ben Simonsen said...

Awesome! This turned out great Sam! I wouldn't be surprised if this ended up in the second film.

Marilyn said...

I knew you were excited about it when you suddenly jumped in while your dad was talking:
Dad: Well, I went to see "Man of Steel" today. I thought it…
You: (rapidly) Uh-huh. You know what you _should_ have gone to see? Pacific Rim, Now _there's_ a movie worth seeing!
Mom: Oh, that sounds educational! What's it about, Japanese culture?
You: No, robots and aliens.

Matthew S. Armstrong said...

would you rather see a movie with super man?



Paul Ovuoba said...

Awesome composition! Feels so great!

Dave McClellan said...

This is cool. Not quite as edgy as Ben and M@U's but I love how you made that OK by saying it's from Canada.

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