August 13, 2010

The RoboTroll

RoboTroll Render Style Exploration

Are you tired of humans crossing your rightfully commandeered bridge and laughing at your humble toll requests as they tower over you and swat you aside? The Unicorps of Grengineers announces rental and plan licensing of their new and indestructible* RoboTrolls to help you turn the tables and squeeze ever higher toll-revenues from the travelers entering your domain.

Our deluxe model, the n8-a04 is packed with features to get you up and running in no time. With our flexible partial-construction operation, you can build in stages and still get the coin you deserve. Lure travelers in with the illusion of an uninhabited bridge, while your RoboTroll hangs out of sight with folding legs and Strongrip hands (and/or hooks)! But still get a full picture of the situation with your RoboTroll’s telescoping neck and ClearCam Eye. Surprise them before they can escape with your RoboTroll’s spring-step quick moves and clearly demand your due with the built in ReelToll Meter. Shakedown the cheapskates with a fully articulated hand that can grab travelers of any size. And best of all, control your RoboTroll from a safe distance with the reinforced data & control cable bundle. Contact us today for a free on-site consultation!


This is some render style exploration for my WIP short film, A Heavy Toll, for which you can see an animatic (no audio) here:


Sam Nielson said...

Nice work. I like the juxtaposition of shapes.

Jimmie said...

Love the look and concept of the short.

Joe said...

Agreed. Fun shapes.

matthewART said...

dude... I want a whole game with just these guys running around doing brutal clockwork battle on each other.