December 07, 2009

Oh Edward!

Will someone of the female species please help me understand why Robert Pattinson makes them all aflutter. I mean... look at the guy!


Casey said...

What is this I'm feeling? Is it repulsion? No. I think I'm swooning. . . So that's what it feels like.

Brian Cutler said...

The problem is, Bryan, that all men look like quasimodo when compared to your angelic beauty. :)

Nathan Lindsay said...


Dave McClellan said...

That is a VERY good likeness.

Sam Nielson said...

Seriously, best likeness so far.

Mike said...

That is pretty awesome.

Brianne333 said...

Amazing likeness, but no we don't all feel aflutter at Robert "EYEBROWS!" Pattinson. I'm not attracted to a single person in that series of movies and I don't know any other women who are either *shrugs*

So, I'm pretty sure by "female species" you meant "14 year old girls".

Jester said...

Yeah I don't get it myself, he's rather fugly.

Angilram said...

Ooooh, Robbie! I don't know why but just looking at this guy makes me want to shake him and yell: "go take a shower, you look smelly!"
I don't know... he doesn't look sanitory...
Maybe it is because I'm not 14 anymore.

mrityunjay said...


faustina said...

It's not just the throwback-to-the-50's look, it's the words that come out of his mouth. Seriously, some of the MOST romantic stuff and nonsense EVER. And I'm several decades past my 14th birthday, which I guess makes me a COUGAR for finding this character luscious. Notice, please: the character, Edward Cullen, NOT the actor portraying him.

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