June 11, 2009

OZ - Some

OZ - Some

“The enemy of mine enemy is my friend.”

Ozma is dead. The Emerald City lies in a fractured ruin. A shadow rises from darkest Munchkin land. The Lollipop Guild, in their greed and arrogance, has unleashed an unspeakable evil upon all OZ. Three former foes and their armies hope to stop the Doom of all things. But, it is a fools hope.

This summer a major motion picture event. (Cause they don’t make minor motion picture events.)

Dorthy, Tick Tock, Jack, The FREAKING Wicked Witch of the West, The Scarecrow, The Not So Wonderful Wizard of OZ, a Flying Monkey and To To Jr. ... make a journey way super duper far beyond all imagining.


Starts Friday!


Josh H. Black said...

Love it! Nice comp and great characters

mike said...

aw- i wish this was true!

Sam Nielson said...

I didn't comment on this before, but my whole heart wanted to (fingers rebelled). I want so badly to make this game.

Heather Dixon said...

Hahaha Lollipop Guild GENIUS!!

matthewART said...

Wow! Thanks so much guys!!!