January 19, 2009

A kindly folk...who attack when provoked


McLean Kendree said...

haha, that is TOO sweet!

Unknown said...

Awesome, as always.
I hope all of the titles from here on out rhyme.

bensonita said...

this is awsome! love it!!

Adam Ford said...

You designs are truly impeccable Joe!

Shawn Pedralba said...

cool design, reminds me of the dark goblins from sleeping beauty.

Patri Balanovsky said...

fantastic. great design. I love the little funny details.
really lovely work.


El Fro said...

His saggy nipples remind me of mine. How sad.

Frankie Stellato said...

Very nice design! I want it on a shirt! :)

Unknown said...

Nice post dude keep posting


Unknown said...

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