December 19, 2008


Here's is an updated 'work in progress'. Thanks for the comments and thanks to Seb for helping me make this piece look better.


Jason Pruett said...

Ben, I love the color and the concept. Your design of the guy is pretty sweet.

for improvement? I wouldn't be afraid to have the front guy's tail go off and disappear below the frame - you're showing the tail on the one in the back. Plus there's a tangent with the tail and the back guy. also - the light leads me to a hole in the page. and I look around and all the lines point me to the top right corner and off the composition. you could move the light over - behind the front guy. and have the back guy up at the top right, turning and bringing us back into the composition. This would also free the back one up from being cut off at the waist and we could see your creation in all it's uninterupted glory. Aslo - maybe put one of those seaweed things in the foreground. That would give the piece more depth. and connect the front guy with the environment of the back guy. One more thing . . that far right seaweed thing looks like it's avoiding the frame - trying to stay in. Let it go off. This would also keep all lines from pointing to the top right corner.

you asked. :)

Adam Ford said...

Thatsa nice!

El Fro said...

Your co-bus rider approves!

Dave McClellan said...

You know, this could be a redesign for Merman too. This is after steroids were banned in the Masters of the Universe world.