August 12, 2008

I kept waiting for a Wilford Brimley topic to come around, and it started to look like it would never happen. My best hope was to make this one work.


Tom Scholes said...

Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa. :D

flashfox said...

OMG Hilarious. I've always laughed when I see that commercial. Now I'll laugh even harder.

Sam Nielson said...

I forgot who Wilford Brimley was, and when I did a search I saw this:

Now I know why he is such an important person, to all of us.

I'm Kitty! said...

oh righ, that's what I have! Diabeetus!

I'm Kitty! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Haha very nice. I actually ran into him at a frozen yogurt place a while back... apparently he lives in Utah. Very nice likeness, and way to put him in the pose hah!

Aaron Ludwig said...

That's awesome. Hilarious stuff!

Jacob Hunter Black said...

This turned out very nice. This was a great time to further Wilford Brimley's diabetes campaign.

andrewQuintiliani said...


Dave McClellan said...

Simply brilliant.

Joe said...

Best yet. If this where a contest, I believe we would have a winner!

Oliver Chipping said...

Beetis beetis beetis... HAHA

everyone at my work is obsessed w/ this too..

keep it up guys!

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