December 10, 2007

One gnome to good home

When this topic came up I looked but couldn't find any good reference of gnomes or other woodfolk. So I went out to my garden, set some traps and got this guy. He was a mean little bugger, biting and scratching until I got him drugged and tied up in my basement for a good sit down portrait session. This live gnome is now available on Ebay, free shipping!


Jennifer said...

Awesome. I was wondering why he was tied up, then I read the type and laughed. The drugs must have kicked in pretty good, cause he looks pretty calm.

Tom Scholes said...

I've never known Dave to tell a joke so it must be a true story.

Awesome dave!

Ozzy said...

Really great blog !

Nathan Lindsay said...

What's the bid at now?

Beag Óg Bramblefoot said...

Oh my, it's Berthold! Poor chap.


They get pissed after they're drugged! This is great!

g1toons said...

ha h a real nice, love the nose, great colours

. said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

brayne said...

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