June 06, 2007

Late entry alert

Just another one of the daily trials that a dragon has to deal with.


aintshakespeare said...

I think they have an ointment for that.

Nice sad look on the dragon. I like the horns and ridges too. I also like the fire on the ball. Very cool.

S.T. Lewis said...

That dragon makes me sad. I don't know why he's so depressed. As an American I feel comfortable saying that soccer is boring. Maybe if the ball was on fire I wouldn't fall asleep trying to watch it.

Are those ghosts in the background? If so, they're a little over-dressed for a soccer game.

Ryan Wood said...

A soccer ball engulfed in flames is never wrong.

Sam Nielson said...

That burning ball looks so perky, like it's there to deliver a singing telegram---but the dragon is a little fearful of what news such a burning ball could bring.