May 31, 2007

Vicious Dragon

This knight just picked the wrong day.

After Falling in the shower and losing his car keys,

the video store called the Dragon saying he hadnt

returned the DVD he had rented. When in fact he

swears that he put it into the drop-box the very

next day after he rented it. And now he owes them

twenty two bucks. Like the video store actually pays

that for a DVD.


Sam Nielson said...

Poor little guy. I'd be grumpy too, if I had to sleep on those bony spikes.

Kevin Keele said...

This is cool, the dragon's expression is perfect.

Brian Cutler said...

Yeah, I feel this dragon's pain (though hopefully not the knights pain). It's like the other day when my son tried to flushed his sister's polly pockets down the toilet and flooded the bathroom. I was kind of like the vicious dragon that day.

Ron Jensen said...

A lot more visious. It would be a lot less painful to be imediatly burnt to a crisp, but no, this dragon wants to beat the snot out of you first.

rusty said...

great expressions...i dont think that armor is going to help this poor knight very much.

Joe said...

I want to see what happens after the punch. Kinda like smashing a can of spaghetti o's in a vice. He looks so pissed.

Ryan Wood said...

I dig the color variations on his skin. Well done, mister.